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Lawn Care you can trust in Fort Myers

Leave the hard part to us.

You can count on Envision Landscaping to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the lawn care plans we provide below to all of Fort Myers, Lehigh and surrounding areas.

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Our Packages.

All our packages include:



Leaf blowing


Bush Trimming 

Our Weekly Mowing package consists of our crew going out to mow your lawn, edge your grass to keep any grass out of sidewalks, patios, beds, fence lines where they are not supposed to go, this also includes leaf blowing all areas and maintaining the exterior of your house free of unwanted dirt and grass clippings. We come out every week to maintain you grass and make sure to make adjustments by the seasons to keep your grass healthy.

Our Bi-Weekly Mowing package consists of sending out a crew to take care of your lawn every other week to maintain your lawn with all of the benefits that our packages hold of mowing, edging, and leaf blowing. An additional service of bush trimming can be added on with both the weekly and bi-weekly packages upon request.

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